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Rhino pop-top

Our PopTop has been designed to fit onto any tray size. For its size, it's clever design really has enabled an incredible number of features. Some of these include: a double inner spring bed, a full height internal kitchen and dining area with seating for 4 adults and an extra double bed when the dining table is dropped. This inner living area can greatly improve the quality of your trip on those blowy, dusty or rainy days. The camper is still only 400kgs, has a low profile (only 100mm higher than the Compact) and has a greater thermal capacity than any other aluminium or canvas equivalent. At $37,500 this camper really has a lot to offer and is suited to anyone looking to travel, whether you will be going off track or not.


Double inner spring mattress

Dining area for 4 adults which can convert into a second double bed

Double burner benchtop cooker

12v 85 litre UPRIGHT Bushman fridge

Stainless steel with with electric water tap

80 litre water tank

100 watt solar panel on the roof for charging a 100-ah battery through an Enerdrive DC to DC charger

2 large opening windows with flyscreens

The poptop is on gas struts and the windows come with flyscreens


If you would like to experience the camper first hand before purchasing, we offer a short rental service! Please contact the office to make a booking.



Please see below for our general upgrade options. Depending on your needs we can also upgrade the electrical system. For example, multiple solar panels, multiple AGM batteries or lithium batteries or add inverters. Please contact us to discuss your needs.

Why FibregLASS


what are you waiting for?


We just finished 7 weeks of travelling in our amazing little turtle.. We love our home on wheels! Hope to see you later in the year.


We covered just on 38,000km in 10months. Our camper held together perfectly over thousands of kilometres of crazy corrugated tracks and never let us down once!  We covered a lot of extreme 4×4 tracks in the top end of the Kimberly and in the NT...We love our little camper! 

Steve and Kristen

6 month review.  Spent 27 nights in 23 locations, 22 locations were unplanned destinations.  Well, we did a bit a research beforehand, mostly, but as we had no set schedule we took it as we found it and adapted accordingly.Love my “backpack on a ute”.

Geoff Wise

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